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Analysing your website traffic statistics can be a valuable tool for different reasons:

:: Reviewing the effectiveness of your various
   brand and marketing campaigns

:: Reviewing the operational effectiveness of
   the website's navigation and structure
  Website traffic can be analysed by viewing the statistics found in the web server log file, or tracking the traffic data externally through the integration of code to specific pages.

Each tracking option has its advantages and disadvantages, so it is recommended that you subscribe to both options for a thorough review of your website traffic.
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Note 01 Website Traffic Analytics Report
Note 02 Website Traffic Log Report
Helpful Information Which option is best?
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:: Basic and accurate website traffic data can be
   retrieved through our analytic tool that gathers
   data externally.

:: The report is simple to understand and is very
   visual in its presentation. It is ideal for tracking
   website traffic patterns that emerge.
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  :: Most web hosting companies will provide you
   with raw website traffic data that requires
   conversion into information that is meaningful.

:: This type of report is very comprehensive in its
   analysis of the website traffic and is ideal as a
   metrics tool to review marketing campaigns.
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  :: For beginners, we recommend subscribing to
   the website traffic analytics report because it is
   a more visual report that is easier to understand
   the different metrics.

:: Website log traffic report is more indepth in its
   analysis and requires a higher degree of
   experience reading the information.
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