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  Helpful Information       Why is website traffic analysis is important?               Return to Top  
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Analysing your website traffic statistics can be a valuable tool for different reasons:

:: Reviewing the effectiveness of your various
   brand and marketing campaigns

:: Reviewing the operational effectiveness of
   the website's navigation and structure
  Website traffic can be analysed by viewing the statistics found in the web server log file, or tracking the traffic data externally through the integration of code to specific pages.

Each tracking option has its advantages and disadvantages, so it is recommended that you subscribe to both options for a thorough review of your website traffic.
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  Important Note       Understanding the website traffic analytics report       Return to Top  
Note 01 Getting Started
Note 02 Report Dashboard
Note 03 Visitors & Traffic Sources
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:: Website traffic statistics reveal vital data about
   the effectiveness of individual pages, referrals,
   visitor habits and motivation.

:: It basically records what visitors are doing on
   your website and this is essential data to any
   successful marketing campaign.

:: Before we begin, it is recommended that you
   download the sample report to follow. It is a
   PDF file requiring the Acrobat Reader to view.
  :: As you can see from the sample report, the
   report dashboard consists of 'site usage', 'map
   overlay' and overviews of 'visitors', 'traffic
   sources' and 'content'.

:: At the top of this page is also a graph showing
   the website's visitor traffic patterns for the month

:: The dashboard gives you a quick overview of
   the basic website traffic information collected.
  :: Visitors overview page looks at various visitor
   behaviour statistics, such as 'number of visits',
   'unique visitors', 'page views', 'time spent on
   the website', and 'web browser' information.

:: Traffic sources overview breaksdown where the
   visitors are coming from, such as 'directly',
   'referring sites', or 'search engines'.

:: Also revealed are the 'keywords' that search
   engines used to refer visitors to the website.
Note 04 Map Overlay
Note 05 Content Overview
Note 06 Conclusion
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:: After you have analysed your 'visitor' and 'traffic
   sources' statistics, next up is your 'map overlay'.

:: The map overlay shows which countries your
   web traffic is coming from with a breakdown of
   the 'number of visits', 'page visits', 'average time
   on the website' and 'bounce rates'.
  :: The last page deals with content and shows
   the relevancy of the pages to the visitors.

:: The top 'pages' viewed reveal what your visitors
   consider to be relevant or of interest to them.
   These are the pages that you need to ensure
   are equipped to convert visits to sales.
  :: Finally, if you notice that users are finding your
   website by simply typing in your business or
   organisation name, break open the champagne!

:: It means you have achieved a significant level of
   brand recognition, and this is a sure sign of
   growing success.
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