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  Helpful Information       Why is website traffic analysis is important?               Return to Top  
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Analysing your website traffic statistics can be a valuable tool for different reasons:

:: Reviewing the effectiveness of your various
   brand and marketing campaigns

:: Reviewing the operational effectiveness of
   the website's navigation and structure
  Website traffic can be analysed by viewing the statistics found in the web server log file, or tracking the traffic data externally through the integration of code to specific pages.

Each tracking option has its advantages and disadvantages, so it is recommended that you subscribe to both options for a thorough review of your website traffic.
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  Important Note       Understanding the website traffic log report       Return to Top  
Note 01 Getting Started
Note 02 Report Summary
Note 03 Website Visitors
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:: Website traffic statistics reveal vital data about
   the effectiveness of individual pages, referrals,
   visitor habits and motivation.

:: It basically records what visitors are doing on
   your website and this is essential data to any
   successful marketing campaign.

:: Before we begin, it is recommended that you
   download the sample report to follow. The
   sample report is in a PDF file format requiring
   the free Acrobat Reader to view.
  :: As you can see from the sample report, the
   report summary consists of 'hits', 'visitors', 'page
   views' and 'bandwidth'.

:: There is a general misconception that 'hits'
   equals the number of visits your website is
   receiving. It is actually the number of data
   requests received by your website.

:: For example, if your website page has 15x
   images on it, the website server records this as
   15x hits. However, the 15x hits are from a single
   visitor viewing a single page on your website.
  :: Analysis of 'hits' alone can be misleading. The
   'visitor' figures are a more accurate measure of
   your website's visitor activity and can be further
   analysed by looking at the following categories.

:: The 'most popular', 'top entry' and 'top exit' page
   categories are a detailed look at where your
   visitors are going, which page they arrived at and
   which page they left.

:: The 'page views' and 'bandwidth' categories are
   not critical in your analysis, but always
   interesting to look at.
Note 04 Website Referrers
Note 05 Search Engines & Phrases
Note 06 Conclusion
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:: After you have analysed your 'visitor' statistics,
   next up is your 'referrers' and 'search phrases'.

:: Notice what 'search phrases' are directing a
   specific type of visitor to your website and if
   particular 'referrers' are doing the same, such as
   affiliate, network partners or websites with your
   online advertising.

:: The more targeted the visitor - meaning that they
   find what they are looking for on your website -
   the more valuable that 'referrer' or 'search
   phrase' is.
  :: Close monitoring of the 'search phrases' and
   'search engines' that your visitors are using to
   find your website will give you an understanding
   of your visitor's needs and motivations.

:: So invest more in either the search phrase, or
   the affiliate, network partners or websites with
   your online advertising.

:: However, if you find a large number of visitors
   are being misdirected to your website by a
   particular 'search phrase', then consider a
   'search phrase' adjustment.
  :: Finally, if you notice that users are finding your
   website by simply typing in your business or
   organisation name, break open the champagne!

:: It means you have achieved a significant level of
   brand recognition, and this is a sure sign of
   growing success.

:: For professional assistance with your
   website traffic analysis, contact us.
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