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I keep getting an error message trying to connect to the mail server.

Email Connectivity is commonly related to internet connectivity. No internet access means you will not have access to email either.

The first thing that you should check for when your email fails to send or receive messages is that your internet access is available.
  Try visiting a popular Australian website to see whether you can access the internet.

Contact your Internet Service Provider (the company that you connect with to access the web) for issues relating to internet connectivity.

If your internet is working and only your email account is not, then contact us immediately.
Contact Us   Contact us if you require technical assistance with your email account's connectivity. Lync Creative™ will assist you.
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Note 01 Email Aliases
Note 02 Auto Responder
Note 03 Vacation Message
:: Email Aliases are email addresses that
   automatically forward email messages to a
   designated email account.

   For example, [email protected] can be an
   alias that forwards all emails received to
   [email protected].
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  :: The Auto Responder will automatically initiate
   whenever an email message is received, even if
   the sender has already received the auto

   It is the ideal solution for people away from their
   desktop or laptop computer.
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  :: The Vacation Message also automatically
   initiates whenever an email is received.
   However, it does not respond when the sender
   has already been informed.

   It is the ideal solution for people on leave, or will
   be away for a long period of time.
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Outlook Setup Outlook & Express Setup
Outlook Express Setup Mac Mail Setup
Email Aliases Avoiding Email Setup
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:: Mircosoft Outlook email account setup is fairly
   straight forward if you do not have an existing
   POP 3 email account setup.
   Learn more » Outlook 2007 :: 2003 :: Express

:: If you already have an existing Microsoft Outlook
   email account, then you would follow the same
   steps listed above to add the new one.

   However, to make your newly setup email the
   default account will require you to follow these
   additional steps.
   Learn more » Outlook 2007 :: 2003 :: Express
  :: Mac mail OS X Email Account Setup is straight
   forward if you do not have an existing email
   account setup.
   Learn more »

:: If you already have an existing Mac Mail email
   account, then you would follow the same steps
    listed above to add the new one.
  :: How to avoid the email account setup process
   and future confusion between your personal and
   business email accounts?

   Use the Email Alias service to make all your
   email messages go to the one email account,
   such as your existing personal email account.

   However, this means that whenever you reply to
   your emails, the existing email account is what
   the recipient will see, not your domain name
   email account.
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