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  Lync Creative™ aim to provide superior creative solutions that add value to all your brand and marketing communication strategies.

We understand that design is only one aspect in a successful business, so we will endeavour to deliver all of our creative solutions to you as quickly as possible so you can focus on other business or organisational needs.

To do this, we have introduced a fee structure and streamlined the creative process plus work flow to make it an efficient process to deliver quality creative solutions on demand.

Please take the time to read our enewsletters as it will contain important information regarding any changes that will come into effect. These changes will deliver improved quality, reliability and services.

To streamline the creative conception and development process to maximise our productivity, we have implemented a fee structure below to encourage efficiency:
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Urgency Fee
The urgency fee of $88.00 inc GST is applicable for any project request requiring completion within 24 hours of briefing.

For example, if you request an amendment at 2pm, then an urgency fee will only apply if delivery is to be completed before 2pm the following day.

Having multiple projects in production means it is difficult to meet the demands of every client.

We will be allocating time for requests as we receive them, however, if it is an urgent request, then this fee is applicable.
Time Delay Fee
The time delay fee of $22.00 inc GST per day is applicable for projects that remain incomplete after 6 months (from the date of project approval) because of client delay.

This fee continues to apply to the account until the project is completed.

As long as a project continues to develop week by week, then the project should not require more than 6 months to complete.

Under extreme circumstances where the client has no control over the delay, i.e. family emergency, as long as we are informed, then the project status will be considered paused and not delayed.

This fee ensures that projects are completed on time and with the greatest opportunity of delivering your business or organisation a return on investment.

When a project is delayed, then the time required to bring the project up to date can be costly because the parameters of a project may change.
Late Fee
The late fee of $22.00 inc GST will be applied after every 10 day cycle if the balance is still outstanding.

For example, if the amount is outstanding after 20 days, then another $22.00 inc GST will be applied making the total late fee charged $44.00 inc GST.

This fee continues to apply to the account in 10 day cycles until the balance is paid.

When payment is completed via Electronic Funds Transfer ('EFT'), a copy of the receipt can be emailed to us. If a transaction receipt is not received then the late fee is applied to the outstanding account.

Extensions to payment period will be considered when there are in excess of 5 projects in development.

Contact us to make such arrangements so that we both understand that an extension has been implemented.
Paper Fee
The paper fee of $5.50 inc GST will be applied for any paper invoice requiring mailing through the postal system.

This fee is geared towards reducing paper consumption and part of our strategy to be a more environmentally friendly business.

We encourage you to follow the same example with your own business.

Everyone can make a difference.
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Contact Us   Any queries or feedback in regards to our fee structure, please contact us on 02 9593 4693.
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