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  Lync Creative™ aim to provide superior creative solutions that add value to all your brand and marketing communication strategies.

We understand that design is only one aspect in a successful business, so we will endeavour to deliver all of our creative solutions to you as quickly as possible so you can focus on other business or organisational needs.

To do this, we have introduced a fee structure and streamlined the creative process plus work flow to make it an efficient process to deliver quality creative solutions on demand.

Please take the time to read our enewsletters as it will contain important information regarding any changes that will come into effect. These changes will deliver improved quality, reliability and customer services.

To streamline the creative conception and development process to maximise our productivity, we have designed an enhanced work flow below to handle common requests:
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Consultations in person will be available on Fridays. Alternative arrangements can be negotiated under exceptional scenarios.

It is unlikely that any work request made on Friday will be received until the following week so for urgent requests, please call Chris at 0414 502 183.

All client consultations are entitled to an hour free of charge to discuss the brief of the new project.

Updates to existing projects are excluded from the free hour entitlement.

Consultations requiring longer than an hour will incur a pro-rata fee.

Essentially, Monday to Thursday are for creative project development, while Fridays are for client consultations and networking.
Work Requests
Work requests for a project in development should be made via email so that we can refer to it as an itemised checklist to work from. Verbal agreements are less reliable as opposed to written records like email.

Any urgent requests should be clearly indicated in the email subject, for example. "Urgent request: Upload new changes".

Review our fee structure to see what billable charges are incurred for urgent work requests.

Telephone communication is ideal for following up urgent work requests to ensure that it has been received.
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Contact Us   Any queries or feedback in regards to our work flow, please contact us on 02 9593 4693.
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