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  Understand the emerging importance of Paid Search Advertising as one channel of internet marketing. For handy tips using Google AdWords, click here.

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How important is Online Advertising proving to be?
The internet is a proven and established advertising media.

Backed by solid Return On Investment ('ROI') data, many advertisers are now moving an increasing proportion of their marketing budget into online channels.
Is it generating meaningful results for Australian Advertisers?
The Australian Bureau of Verification Services (ABVS) figures show online as the fastest growing media sector.

Paid search is the fastest growing of the online categories.

According to the 2005 survey, the online market grew more than six times faster than the overall advertisement market hitting $388 million in 2004.
How do PPC advertising programs deal with ‘click fraud’?
This has not been a material issue because the PPC advertising programs have implemented the latest technology that detects click fraud.

While they cannot promise to prevent all instances of click fraud, they are very pleased with the results to date.

Ultimately, advertisers see the value of PPC advertising programs because of the conversion rates.

Therefore, over time, the issue of 'click fraud' is self-correcting.
Are small businesses being squeezed out of effective PPC advertising with fierce competition over keywords?
PPC Advertising in general rewards relevancy.

Your advertisement is ranked on the search results and content pages based on various performance factors including:

01) Relevant advertisement text,
02) Maximum cost-per-click (CPC), and
03) Click through rate (CTR).

Having relevant advertisement text, a high CPC and a strong CTR will result in a higher position for your advertisement.

Because this ranking system rewards well-targeted relevant advertisements, you cannot be locked out of the top position as you would be in a ranking system based solely on price.
Has Australian businesses been quick to embrace Pay Per Click ('PPC') advertising programs?
Whilst the paid search advertising category is performing well and expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 37.5% to 2008, some analysts suggest Australia is 18 months behind the US in development.

In fact, analysts say Australia has not yet reached 5% saturation in terms of paid search advertising — so there’s a lot of growth potential.
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