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  Understand handy tips using Google Adwords. For information concerning the emerging importance of Paid Search Advertising as an internet marketing channel, click here.

If people follow these tips then they will be able to use Google Adwords more cost effectively and see a better return on investment (ROI).

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How to easily save on your Pay Per Click ('PPC') advertising budget?
The budget is where so many PPC advertisers falter.

Many users new to PPC and Google Adwords see their advertising budget being quickly consumed and then dismiss PPC as expensive and unrewarding.

If they understood the system better and made a few small changes they could see their PPC improve and their budget drop.

You could be wasting cash without even knowing it.

There are small changes you can make that will have an almost immediate effect on your PPC budget. This could save you a fortune.
What is the Google Adwords 'content network'?
The content network is a default function on Google Adwords that will see your advertisement appear right across the Internet on websites related to your chosen keywords via Google's AdSense program.
Should you advertise on the Google Adwords 'content network'?
People seeing your advertisement in Google's search results are proactively looking for what you are offering, if you have got your keywords right.

They have just done a search and your advertisement came up as a result. When they click they are much more likely to buy or complete an action on your website.

People encountering your advertisement whilst 'browsing' the Internet is much less likely to complete the desired action.

Since they are not proactively seeking out what you offer and have only casually encountered your advertisement as they surf the internet, their response will be less committed.

To turn off the option to appear on the content network simply follow these instructions:

1. From the 'All Campaigns' page select your
    desired campaign by checking the relevant
    box next to it.

2. Once selected click the 'Edit Settings'
    button at the very top of all your campaigns.

3. This will open the 'Edit Campaign Settings'
    page. Now simply uncheck the checkbox
    for 'content network' found in your campaign
    settings at the top right under 'Where to
    show my Ads'.
How to set your daily PPC budgets?
Start with a high per click bid and get your advertisement shown the maximum number of times.

This will build your Click Through Rate (CTR) and you can then gradually lower your click bid without affecting your position.

Google rewards good CTR by better positioning a good performing advertisement.

You may want to spend less to start with but a better approach is to spend smarter.

Successful advertisers typically turn the daily budget up to the "max" in their campaign settings area, based on Google's suggested daily maximum.

Cost control is then achieved through pausing poor performing advertisements and groups, or lowering bids - not by cutting your daily budget.

If you are not appearing on the front page for a search you can not measure ROI accurately for your keywords.

You must ensure that you appear on the first page of results to begin with. However, be careful not to appear in the number 1 spot as this can attract the casual clicker.

Spots 3-5 are the prime spots. The viewer clicking here has at least considered your advertisement copy before doing so.

After testing if you have written a good advertisement by getting good CTR, you should see your advertisement hold its own when you lower your per click budget.
How to work out your daily spend?
If you have a monthly budget of $600 dividing it by the days in the month (30 days) gives you a $20 daily budget.

Google will not exceed the monthly figure, but they will go over the daily budget sometimes.

Do not underbid your advertisement group because you are thinking of your "maximum bid" as your actual bid.

The average cost per click on the group is the figure you should watch.
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