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 What is a Brand Name?
Lync • Creative™   The brand name is the verbal expression of the Brand Identity.
 Brand Name Types
Brand Name Types   Types to consider when creating a brand name.
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 Brand Name Tips
Brand Name Tips   Considerations when creating a brand name.
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 Brand vs Brand Identity
Lync • Creative™   What is the difference between these terms?
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 What is IdWorks?
IdWorks   Why is it important for your business or organisation?
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  Important Note       Considerations when creating a successful brand name       Return to Top  
Note 01 Avoid over used words for next-generation products
Note 02 Avoid words that can be found in a dictionary
Note 03 Avoid adopting sms text message short hand
:: Words such as "innovation" and "solutions" in
   names, or terms like "Extra", "New", or "Plus" are
   so over used that they no longer have significant
   meaning in the market place.
  :: Not only are such words scarce because they
   have already been taken by other established
   companies, they also may cause translation and
   linguistic problems.
  :: A brand name where customers have to work
   too hard to decipher is a turn off. Short hand may
   be popular today, but that does not mean it will
   remain relevant in the future.
Note 04 Avoid long names that are difficult to say
Note 05 Avoid taking the easy way out and settling on initials
Note 06 Avoid suggestions from uninformed sources
:: As previously mentioned, customers are turned
   off by brand names that are difficult to make
   sense of. Most long brand names will get
   truncated as a result.

   For example, Commonwealth Bank is often
   truncated to CommBank.
  :: Initials are easier to trademark, but a huge
   budget is often required to give them meaning in
   the marketplace.

   This does not mean that you can not have
   initials, it just means you need more money to
   invest in its success.
  :: The results from this approach seldom relate to
   or express a business or organisation's strategy
   and vision.

   That is why it is important that you engage a
   professional when creating a successful brand
as part of your overall business plan.
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