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 What is a Brand Logo?
Lync • Creative™   The brand name is the visual expression of the Brand Identity.
 Brand Logo Types
Brand Name Types   Types to consider when creating a brand logo.
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 Brand Logo Tips
Brand Name Tips   Considerations when creating a brand logo.
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 Brand vs Brand Identity
Lync • Creative™   What is the difference between these terms?
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 What is IdWorks?
IdWorks   Why is it important for your business or organisation?
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  Important Note       What makes a successful brand logo?       Return to Top  
Note 01 Simple in form
Note 02 Practical
Note 03 Graphic
:: Contains only one graphic idea as the focal
   point. So if there is a symbol, then the name is
   plain and unadorned.

   If it is a word mark, one idea makes it special -
   like IBM’s® stripes. The more unique the name,
   the simpler the graphics.
  :: The brand identity needs to be able to be
    printed small, in ink or pixels.

   It should work in various colour applications,
   such as, black on white, colours, as well as in
   reverse too, for example, white on black, or
   white on colour.
  :: Communicates purely in visual terms, to the
   right brain hemisphere and does not depend on
   verbal, intellectual interpretation.

   If a word mark, it can be recognised by form
   alone, for example, you do not have to read
   Coca-Cola's® logo more than once.
Note 04 Distinctive
Note 05 One Message
Note 06 Appropriate
:: The design idea for the brand identity need not
   be unique in the world, just distinctive enough
   so you can "own" it in your particular market
  :: Great designs follow the "less is more"
   approach, expressing just one quality (such as
   stature, speed or dynamism) and supporting a
   single aspect of positioning.
  :: In the end, the content has got to be right. A
   great logo can fail if the reputation, positioning,
   and personality expressed do not reflect the
   intent of management.
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